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How to attract and serve audiences profitably in the age of hyper-distribution

There is unprecedented growth in the number of companies offering content and television services, and therefore the endpoints through which programming is distributed. Competition for viewer attention and wallets has never been fiercer. Aggregators must become the discovery agent of choice, while content owners and curators must make themselves available everywhere, without limits.

The next-generation content workflow that finally normalizes digital distribution

Audience fragmentation is the new normal and the key to success is to engage and monetize on every multiscreen touchpoint. But currently, the process is slow, manual and expensive. That can change with a next-generation workflow that harnesses microservices-based cloud agility, intelligent orchestration and high levels of automation.

How super-metadata makes you ‘king of what to watch next'

Find out why super-metadata, created automatically using machine learning technologies, will revolutionise content discovery and help platform operators and broadcasters win the hourly and daily battle for our attention. How this technology delivers superior recommendation, makes search more human and enables personalised entertainment without sacrificing serendipity.

TV Viewing Habits: The What, Where and How of Content Discovery and Consumption

2016 marks the 80th anniversary of the birth of TV and it has changed dramatically over the course of those 8 decades. With a wealth of content now at everyone’s fingertips, more viewer issues have arisen such as what to watch, how to find it and the overall customer experience.

How metadata unlocks the future of content discovery

This White Paper outlines dramatic advances in content discovery that will improve the business prospects for service providers, broadcasters and other content owners. It explains the revolution of metadata technology and processes that underpin the future of search and recommendation.

The Zen of User Experience (UX)

User experience: it’s more than just a pretty picture. Based on your customers’s needs and goals, it may be time to take a step back and
think about the experience you’ve created for them.

Information is Power: Getting the Most From Video Recommendations

Despite the numerous videos available online, finding the right content to watch continues to be a struggle for consumers. Recently we’ve seen an increase in video recommendations but what can you do to tap the analytics and squeeze out the most value? Recommendations can not only ease the process of content selection for your audience, but help you gain insight on user preference and ultimately boost revenue opportunities.

Welcome to the MCN Generation: A Guide for the Future of Video

In the first week of August 2015, the top 10 MCN’s on YouTube generated more than 370 million views. In comparison, the UEFA Champions League Football final – the world’s most watched annual sporting event, which airs in more than 200 countries – generated a global audience of 165 million.

The Rise of the MCN

Take a deeper dive into the MCN landscape with our deck “The Rise of the MCN”.

We address the explosion and power of the MCN model, what they have managed to achieve by going the non-tradtional route, and what potential still awaits them as they consider expansions such as moving to their own platform.

The Video Data Analytics Revolution

It is widely understood that big data, enabled by IP and cloud technology, has the potential to transform business practices across a broad range of sectors, including media and online video. However, the use of viewer behaviour analytics (the collection and analysis of a variety of metrics about the way users interact with audiovisual media) by companies varies greatly.

Placing Content into Context: The Essence of Delivering Personal TV Experiences

Remember when the Boss sang ’57 Channels (And Nothin’ On)’ and we all nodded in wise agreement?

Modelled for Success

Internet-TV is a market that’s not just growing, but exploding with potential.

But it’s not limitless potential, and not everyone will be a winner. Those that wade in without a strong idea of where their path to profitability lies, or how and when to invest in their own success, will probably find themselves chewed up and spat out.

When it comes to DRM, it doesn't pay to stay single

Digital Rights Management is a vital requirement for the distribution of premium content.

But with multiple platforms and devices to reach, as well as the move to phase out DRM plugins on certain browsers, a single DRM solution just won’t cut it anymore.

Understanding Key Technologies & Drivers Impacting Premium Content Distributors

Digital Rights Management is a vital requirement for the distribution of premium content. But with multiple platforms and devices to reach, as well as the move to phase out DRM plugins on certain browsers, a single DRM solution just won’t cut it anymore.

OTT Monetization Strategies Whitepaper

Whitepaper comparing the strategies relating to OTT monetization.

Managed Services for OTT Deployment Whitepaper

Whitepaper comparing in-house deployment of an OTT solution with that of managed services.

Hybrid Multi-Regional OTT Platform Whitepaper

Many of today’s Over The Top (OTT) services are built using monolithic platforms that are expensive to deploy, maintain and innovate.